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Strategic Planning or What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?
Delegation - A Productivity Enhancement Tool
Business Process Reengineering: The Super Highway to Productivity Enhancement and Organization Effectiveness
Implement Change in the Workplace
The Effective Federal Budget Game and How to Win!
Implementing Automated Financial Systems In The Government
The Spirit of Leadership: An Essential Skill
Creating the Professional - A Recipe for Success
Developing an Effective Workforce Training Program
Managing the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Government
Effective Management Analysis - A Lost Art
Effective Middle Management - The Development Process
Effective Speaking to Anybody and Everybody
The Care and Feeding of Employees for High Achievement
The President of Mekelexx Management Services has over twenty years of managment and consulting
experience in both the commercial and government environments. He is an adept speaker who will work with
you to get the delivery you need to meet your objectives.

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